below are descriptions of support available through chordinnate, in collaboration with partners, or exclusively through trusted colleagues doing work in music and sport

music Rx | USD TBD

Go through the same profiling process employed with over 500 professional athletes since 2017 to find out what makes you tick and how to use that to your advantage. Additionally, complete a process to gauge your interest and responsiveness to music. The result is a music prescription that gives you the information you need to choose music that will move you most effectively.

mixtape | per project estimate

Take highlight reels to another level by connecting targeted music to particular elements of your game to boost motivation and condition future performance states. 

custom projects | per project estimate

Music is highly individualized in its effects, so the greatest benefits come from custom content created specifically for you. These projects can take any form so they are priced on a per project basis. Project cost will be based on our current rates plus additional expenses for outside talent, music licensing, etc. At their most advanced level, projects can include everything from custom intros from athletes, artists, or mentors to custom meditations or even original compositions from client-selected musical artists. In short, if you can describe a type of support related to music, we can make it happen! CONTACT US TO VIEW DEMO PROJECT(S)


PSYCH BEATS™ is a cutting-edge pre-performance audio tool used to enhance performances. A unique script is created during an interview with the athlete, and then the athlete's voice is recorded reading self-talk statements. The resulting recording is then paired with instrumental music of the athlete’s choice (hiphop/jazz/electronic/metal/pop etc.) and finally mixed and mastered with ProTools HD audio software. The final product is a confidential and portable audio clip (MP3 file) to be utilized pre-performance by the athlete (at hotel or on the bus/ putting on gear/ during pre-game routine) with the hope of remembering & implementing mental performance content tailored to each specific performance. PSYCH BEATS™ is grounded in the scientific research related to music, confidence, motivation, and focus and has been used by athletes who compete at the highest levels (e.g., OLY, NFL, NCAA). For more information, or to get started creating your own, visit the PSYCH BEATS™ website.

costs based on consulting rates | USD TBD day / USD TBD half day / USD TBD hourly