Dave Laughlin

Dave has spent over 15 years as a mental game professional within sport. In addition to his efforts with chordinnate, he is currently the director of assessment and skill development for Courtex Performance, where he helps athletes, coaches, and organizations perform to their potential more consistently. He has worked with clients in the MLB, NBA, OLY, and NCAA, and his specialties include athlete profiling, mental skills training, and practice design to improve learning and performance. Dave has a phd in sport psychology and motor behavior from the University of Tennessee and spent a decade as a university professor prior to his current roles. 

currently playing: janet batch and the four bangers

always playing: tom petty

never playing: sting


the network

below are the sport, science, business, art, and music insiders who contribute to projects and provide their expertise to the entire enterprise

Frank Hensley has spent over two decades in the music industry, first as a performing artist and now in an executive role. He understands music production from every angle and has the connections within the industry to get clients exactly what they want and need. 

Kane Smego is an international touring poet and hip hop artist, educator, and National Poetry Slam finalist. He is the Associate Director and an artist alumnus of the Next Level global hip hop exchange program. Kane’s one-man hip hop theatre show, Temples of Lung and Air, was produced by Playmakers Repertory Company and StreetSigns Center in 2018, the Detroit Public Theatre in 2019, and featured at the United Solo Theatre Festival in NYC. As a recording artist, Kane has released multiple hip hop and poetry albums, including Collard Green Music in July 2020. He has been featured on Grammy Award-winner King Mez's debut album My Everlasting Zeal, and topped the Spotify Viral 50 billboard in May 2017 featuring on the song “North Cack” with G Yamazawa and J Gunn. Kane has also been a TEDx speaker and a featured performer at the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, the Def Poetry Jam Reunion, the Nuyorican Poets Café, and the Shriver Report Live hosted by Atlantic Magazine.

Azeem Ahmad is a seasoned healthcare professional with over 10 years in the industry, currently excelling at a top Fortune 25 healthcare company. With a rich background spanning clinical research and healthcare data analytics, Azeem adeptly bridges the gap between clinical knowledge and corporate strategy. A key player in implementing health plans and optimizing vendor performance, Azeem is known for driving impactful organizational change.

Sway & King Tech are the co-hosts of the World Famous Wake-Up Show and have been major forces in hip-hop over the last three decades. They contribute their combined expertise in music production, broadcasting, journalism, and promotion for chordinnate projects that are beyond the reach of the day-to-day team.

Keni Thomas is a resident artist at Cherry Street Pier (philadelphia, pa) and designed the chordinnate logo. He produces art under the name Thomcat23, and his work often involves wordplay and/or sociopolitical messages.