music + sport

Most athletes listen to music but few use it like they could. We combine expertise in music and sport to provide tailored support for athletes who want an edge in how they prepare, perform, and recover. 


We get to know you to produce a performance profile


We provide music-related support tailored to your needs


Just hit play to boost preparation, performance, and recovery


why should athletes use music?

Music is one of the few things that has a direct and predictable impact on thoughts, feelings, and effort. As such, it can help regulate energy and nerves, help train and cue focus, increase the intensity and duration of effort, improve the speed of recovery, and lock in learning. But that sounds boring - listen to Pharrell and Rick Rubin put it more poetically! 

who is this supposed to help?

Music support can be offered to individuals, entire teams, or both. If you like music and play sports (or coach/manage those who do), this is for you.

when should i use music in my sport training?

Music is a perfect additive to daily mental game practices, strength and conditioning programs, skill training, pre-game preparation, within game self-regulation strategies, and post-game recovery.

I already listen to music, so why do I need you?

You also already eat, train, and condition. We do for your listening what dietitians, skill coaches, and strength coaches do for your eating, training, and conditioning. Managing your own use of music would be like limiting your nutrition to what you can get from a vending machine. You can do better than that. 

how is this different than a playlist?

A playlist points us in the right direction but isn't specifically designed to help you perform to your potential. We begin where your playlist ends by combining the music you like with your specific performance needs. If you don't know the right song, we find it. And if the right song doesn't exist, we can create it.